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SOVECOMO Consulting

SOVECOMO - The Sovereign Economic Model©

The Sovereign Economic Model© is a series of concepts to help a countries gain economic sovereignity.

It encompasses:

  • State capitalism and control in strategic sectors

  • Import substitution

  • Re-industrialization

  • Detaxation of (small) manufacturing business

  • Value creation from natural resource

  • Market share restrictions

Our services for The Sovereign Economic Model©

Strategies for import substitution, value creation from natural resources, market regulations, catalyzing business processes
Import substitution

We provide services for import substitution and diversification

Value Creation

We help companies create new products from natural resources.

Gap Analysis

We analyze local, foreign and global consumer markets to identify gaps in products range.

Build vs Buy

We help companies evaluate companies/IP acquisitions vs hiring specialists.

Market Segments

SOVECOMO Consulting provides advisory services for a number of manufacturing industries -
  • Agro-Food

    We can help in analysing the sector for market gaps, offeradvice for diversification in processed food production, create value from raw agricultural products, and quality management.
  • Automotive

    We support policy makers, research institutes and think tanks with advice for industrialization and import substitution.
  • FCMG

    We offer customers consulting services for diversification and gap analysis.
  • Others

    SOVECOMO Consulting assists customers in build vs buy decisions.

About us : Strategic consulting towards the Sovereign Economic Model©

Our company helps public organizations formulate policies, frameworks and programs to support the path of a country towards economic sovereignty. We support companies with sovereign economic advisory services for diversification, gap analysis, value creation from natural resources, build vs buy decisions, quality benchmaking.
Value creation
Value Creation
 Value Creation from raw materials,both agricultural and mineral
Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis
We offer clients Gap Analysis of products missing in local market
Build vs Buy
Build vs Buy
SOVECOMO helps its customers in knowledge aquisition with Build vs Buy (IP/company acquisitions, hiring of specialist, joint ventures).
We assist companies to diversify and expand their product range.
Quality benchmarking
Quality benchmarking
SOVECOMO helps companies asses factual and perceived quality comparing to foreign competitors.
Market regulation
Market regulation
We advise public institution formulate policies favoring the Sovereign Economic Model©.

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